A Simple Analysis Of Logical Bathroom Plumbing Systems

For your toilet, you will need multiple sizes of drain lines. If possible, install the bowl first, then the tank. Consider including a clean out for the toilet if you are installing it in a concrete floor or a cellar where the stack (sometimes called a “stink stack”) goes into a crawlspace or the cellar. It’s important to remember to vent the sink, or it won’t drain properly. You will first have to cut the pipes with a pipe cutter or a hacksaw. Set the sink on the bracket and stand. Clogged toilets can generally be fixed with a basic plunger. Sometimes, it’s just not feasible to vent only the sink, maybe because a shower or tub is sitting too far away, or maybe because one fixture’s drainpipe does not connect to the main toilet drainpipe, which is usually the line running from the commode.


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